Trade Ally Program

Montana-Dakota no longer provides repair service for heating and water heating equipment. However, to assist you in finding a qualified contractor who provides these services in your area, Montana-Dakota has developed a Trade Ally contractor network.

View Montana-Dakota’s Trade Ally Contractor List


DISCLAIMER: Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. (Montana-Dakota) does not recommend or endorse the listed Trade Allies, or the products they offer. This information is provided simply as a convenience to customers who wish assistance in locating contractors in their area. Customers are responsible for selecting the contractor they wish to use and are under no obligation to use these contractors or purchase their products. The Trade Ally contractors do not work for Montana-Dakota; all work performed by a listed Trade Ally for a customer is solely subject to agreement between the customer and the contractor.

Montana-Dakota encourages customers to be wise consumers when selecting a contractor to perform repair or installation work. Get written bids from several contractors and compare the bids, check references and make an informed choice when selecting a contractor.

Contractors interested in participating in Montana-Dakota’s trade ally program can fill out the?Trade Ally Application Form?and send the application, along with the supporting information requested, to Montana-Dakota Utilities.