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Interested in efficient energy usage? How about some help in managing your energy needs? Whether you need usage estimates, conversion information, engineering advice – or you’re confused about new technology or the changing structure of the energy industry – call on us.

The engineering team works primarily with Montana-Dakota’s large commercial and industrial customers. Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for the energy needs of these customers. In addition to providing appropriate gas and electric service, we offer engineering advice, up-to-date information on new energy technology, financial analysis, and vendor referrals.

The consulting team works with commercial and residential developers and builders to provide energy services to residential and small commercial customers. They can provide information on energy usage, cost comparisons and service availability.

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Demand Response Resources (DRR) Program

Montana-Dakota has partnered with CPower to offer an electric load response program to Montana-Dakota’s electric commercial and industrial customers in the states of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.? The DRR program provides businesses the opportunity to earn revenue by agreeing to reduce electricity use in response to market conditions when called on by Montana-Dakota. To learn more, please review the?Demand Response Program Snapshot, or contact CPower at 844-CPOWER1 (844-276-9371).

To begin the process of evaluating how the DRR program can benefit your business fill out the?Letter of Authorization (LOA)?and email it to?[email protected]

Required Information for Meter Install

  • Has the Service line been installed?
  • Is this a Residential or Commercial Property?
  • Subdivision Name, Lot & Block Number
  • Has the Pressure Test been complete?
  • Has the Pressure Test been inspected or tagged by the City/County/State?
  • Has the house piping been tied to the meter bar?
  • Is it level?
You will need to be able to verify the gas appliances and individual BTU loads listed on Premise Characteristics.
  • Have there been any additions or deletions to the gas equipment that we should know about?
  • What is the name and contact phone number of the contractor/heating dealer or customer for us to contact regarding any other questions?
  • Is the Address visible from the street?
  • Do we have clear access to the meter set location?