In the Community to Serve

Montana-Dakota’s slogan, “In the Community to Serve” goes beyond providing safe and reliable electric and natural gas service. Montana-Dakota and its dedicated employees are committed to the communities they serve, work and live. Every year we give back to our communities through volunteerism, contributions and community development efforts.

eco fund
eco fund

Environmental Community Opportunity (ECO) Fund

Environmental stewardship is a part of Montana-Dakota’s mission and daily life and our commitment to the communities we serve is taken seriously. As part of our continued environmental commitment, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. has established the ECO Fund to support projects that enhance environmental education and stewardship in the communities we serve.

Environmental education projects may include grants for teacher training, books or equipment for classroom use, field trips or special project support in the natural or physical sciences.

Community environmental stewardship projects may include such things as nature trail development, wildlife area enhancement, recycling and community cleanup promotion, or the development of “living laboratories” for the use of students and the general public.

Some limitations apply. See the?ECO Fund Brochure?for details of the program and the?ECO Fund Grant Application Form.

MDU Resources Foundation

Our corporate headquarters, MDU Resources Group, is committed to supporting the communities in which its businesses operate. The corporation believes its success is directly related to a healthy social and economic environment. Through the MDU Resources Foundation, the corporation can share its success and help its neighbors make the communities better places to live and work. The foundation was incorporated in 1983. MDU Resources is proud of its record of supporting qualified organizations and is hopeful the foundation’s efforts will continue to have a positive impact.For more information regarding the?MDU Resources Foundation, contact?Rita O’Neill?at MDU Resources.